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Cooperation in Science, Technology and ICT

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Entering a new era of global prosperity with the world’s leading science technology and ICT

MSIP will work to create a new policy paradigm for building an economy where everyone can enjoy life.

With imagination, creativity, science technology and ICT, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) is leading the nation in industrial innovation while reviving industries of new growth engines with hope. As Korea is undergoing successful industrial development and informatization, MSIP is concentrating on expanding the power of industries under the new vision of Creative Economy, and promises to passionately pursue new possibilities for tomorrow with a positive outlook on international cooperation.

Global Cooperation of MSIP

Science and Techcology R&D
Innovation in science and technology R&D through the establishment of Seoul Science Park, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), and universities specializing in science and engineering education and research, such as KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Ranking second in the world in the share of R&D expenditure out of the total GDP, and ranking seventh in the world in science infrastructure competitiveness
World-class ICT infrastructure, ranking No. 1 in household Internet penetration rate and average speed
Propose and build wired and wireless broadband suitable for each country’s conditions
Digital switchover
With the termination of analogue terrestrial TV broadcasting on Dec. 31, 2012, Korea successfully completed digital switchover.
Consulting on policy and technological know-how for an effective digital switchover that saves expenses and shortens the transition period
Information protection
Creating a safe and trustworthy online environment through early detection of cyber terrors and swift response to such incidents
Building a 24/7 monitoring system
Spectrum management systenm
The system, in which the state-of-the-art ICT and software technology are converged, shows outstanding performance in spectrum management, inspection into unlawful radio waves, etc.
Promoting the expansion of the system to Southeast Asia, East Europe, etc.

MSIP's Global Project

Cooperation in S&T

Set up an S&T Innovation Center for cooperative exchanges with universities and research institutes, and for S&T development and related support customized to the country concerned
Africa and Development Cooperation Programs Center for International Affairs, NRF +82 2 3460 5625 www.nrf.re.kr

Policy Consultation on ICT and Broadcasting

Provide partner countries with policy consultation based on Korea's best practices and case studies in the requested topics.
Department of International Cooperation Research, KISDI +82 43 531 441 www.kisdi.re.kr

Build an Information Access Center

Set up an Internet lounge, IT training labs, seminar rooms, etc. to resolve the digital divide. Operate a center for intergovernmental exchanges and cooperation in IT and joint projects.
Global IT Cooperation Division, NIA +82 2 2131 0553 www.nia.or.kr

Support for Improvement of the Broadcasting Environment

Provide broadcasting equipment and operator training courses for the broadcasting environment to keep up with recent convergence in broadcast-telecommunication, such as digital media, interactive services, and multimodal media.
Radio Broadcasting Industry Promotion Center, +82 2 317 6144 www.rapa.or.kr

Training courses for broadcasting and telecommunications experts

Provide various programs such as a training courses on Korea’s ICT sector, ICT industry visits, Korean cultural experience programs, etc.
International Cooperation Division, NIPA +82 2 2132 1564 www.nrf.re.kr
Global IT Cooperation Division, NIA +82 2 2131 0516 www.nia.or.kr

World Friends in S&T, ICT

World Friends Techno Peace Corps help their host countries by providing a diverse range of technical assistance, from academic lecturing, project management, on-site consultation and training to research personnel support.
Africa and Development Cooperation Programs Center for International Affairs, NRF +82 2 3460 5625 www.nrf.re.kr
Global IT Cooperation Division, NIA +82 2 2131 0516 www.nia.or.kr