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Welcome to the Ministry of Science,
ICT and Future Planning.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

Over the past six decades, the Republic of Korea has achieved remarkable economic growth that continues to draw great attention from across the globe.

Building on our achievements, we aim to take the Korean economy one step forward by transforming it into a creative economy, in which new added value and jobs are created by combining people's creativity with advanced science and technology.

To this end, we will focus our efforts on the following tasks:

First, we will spread the vision for the creative economy which is founded on a spirit of creativity and challenge.

We will strive to improve regulations and practices that have kept the private sector from autonomously realizing its full creative potential, and make a way for original, novel ideas to become business and startup opportunities.

Second, we will boost the dynamics of the creative economy through convergence.

We will establish an ecosystem for the creative economy through the convergence of science, technology and ICT while ensuring that software emerges as a national priority. We will also actively promote future growth engines that can pave the way for achieving national per capita income of USD 40,000, ushering in a new era of creativity and convergence.

Third, we will consolidate the foundations of the creative economy by making continuous innovations in the fields of science, technology and ICT.

In order to build a sustainable creative economy, we will spur innovation in government-funded research institutes and universities while creating an ecosystem for cooperation between industry, academia and research institutes.

We will strengthen the social role of science and technology by continuously investing in R&D nationwide while encouraging creative basic research.

A society where creative "failures" are more honored than easy successes
A society where creative minds and a culture of creativity flourish based on open communication

Together with the public, the MSIP is ready to open a brighter future for the Republic of Korea through the creative economy.

Thank you.