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Welcome to the Ministry of Science
and ICT

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Ministry of Science and ICT.

We now face a global transformation called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is time to bring about a “genuine Fourth Industrial Revolution in which promising industries in the future lead to quality jobs.”

To this end, the Ministry of Science and ICT will focus efforts on accelerating innovation across the whole society through building an environment that promotes autonomous and audacious research, securing source technologies and growth engines, and converging science and technology with ICT.

At the same time, the Ministry will endeavor to reform regulations and systems for new industries such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology, and to make mobile phone service available at a more affordable price so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of quality mobile communications.

Above all, we will listen to voices from the field and do our best to implement policies that make positive changes in people’s lives.

We ask for your kind support. Thank you.