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1st Vice-Minister

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1st Vice-Minister

Mun Miock

The 1st Vice Minister, Ministry of Science and ICT Mun Miock


  • 1997Ph.D. in Physics, Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • 1993Master of Physics, Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • 1991Bachelor of Physics, Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • 1987Saint Mary’s Girls High School, Busan


  • 2017Science and Technology Advisor to the President Member of National Science and Technology Commission and Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • 2017Chief Secretary and Deputy Leader of Collective Intelligence Center of Central Election Headquarters for the 19th Presidential Candidate Moon Jae-In of the Democratic Party of Korea
  • 2016Member of National Assembly’s Special Committee on Job Creation
  • 2016Member of National Assembly’s Committee on Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications
  • 2016Member of National Assembly’s Gender Equality and Family Committee
  • 2016Floor leader of Democratic Party of Korea Member of Youth Employment Task Force of Democratic Party
  • 2016Member of the 20th National Assembly
  • 2013Planning Director, Science Engineering Technology Cooperative
  • 2011Planning Policy Director, Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET)
  • 2003Research Professor, Ewha Women’s University WISE Center
  • 2001Research Professor of Physics & Applied Physics, Yonsei University
  • 2000Physics Ph.D. Researcher, Yonsei University
  • 1997Physics Ph.D. Researcher, Ewha Women’s University
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