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 < International Conference of Women Scientists and Engineers (BIEN 2017) to be held in Korea >
  - Program includes scientific sessions on BT, IT, E3T, NT, and ST fields, special sessions on future society and leadership, and policy forum for next-generation women scientists and engineers

□ The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT, Minister You Young Min) announced that the International Conference of Women Scientists and Engineers (BIEN 2017) will be held from August 31 (Thu) to September 2 (Sat) at The Plaza Hotel, Seoul, under the theme “Woman Scientists and Engineers Shaping the Future” and organized by the Association of Korean Women Scientists and Engineers (KWSE, President Poo Haryoung).

 ㅇ The Conference will be bring together over 550 women scientists and engineers from 28 countries around the globe. Participants will share research achievements through academic presentations on convergence technology areas including BT(Biotechnology), IT(Information Technology), E3T(Environment/Energy/Earth Technology), NT(Nano Technology), ST(Space Technology) and discuss ways to expand the role of women scientists and engineers in the future society.

□  BIEN, the world’s first academic conference on convergence by women scientists and engineers, will be held for the fourth time this year. The first BIEN was held in 2003, with KWSE (est. 1993) as the main organizer.

 ㅇ The women scientists and engineers participating in the conference will have the opportunity to share recent technology trends and best research achievements, and benefit from mutual exchange. Through this, the participants are expected to lead change in the future technology environment and boost development of convergence technologies.

 ㅇ The Young Women Scientist Camp (YWS Camp) and Smart Sister Workshop have been prepared as part of BIEN 2017 to enhance young women scientists and engineers’ leadership. There will be lectures by famous scientists and engineers and group mentoring sessions for each major field.

 ㅇ On top of this, the Meeting of Asia and Pacific Women in Science and Technology (MAPWiST) will hold a discussion to design a policy development roadmap that can support women scientists and engineers in the Asia and Pacific region.

□ The main events of the BIEN 2017 are as below.

【 Opening Ceremony (Theme: Women Scientists and Engineers Shaping the Future) 】

 ㅇ In the Opening Ceremony to be held under the theme of “Women Scientists and Engineers Shaping the Future,” distinguished guests representing diverse fields will give welcome speeches and congratulatory remarks. A video about the activities and vision of KSWE, Korea’s first support organization for women scientists and engineers, and a choral performance by Korean and global women scientists and engineers will follow. 

【 Plenary Sessions and Scientific Sessions on 7 fields including BT, IT, E3T, NT and ST】

 ㅇ The Plenary Speeches on global issues will be delivered by Chair Professor Jung Jae Ung of the University of Southern California, Professor Justine Cassell of Carnegie Mellon University and President Elect Marlene Kanga of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations; on zika virus, artificial intelligence and diversification strategy respectively.  

 ㅇ Starting with the IT (Information Technology) Session, academic presentations and discussion will be carried out among researchers from Korea and around the globe, in seven technology fields including BT(Biotechnology), E3T(Environment/Energy/Earth Technology), NT(Nano Technology) and ST(Space Technology).

 ㅇ In the Special Sessions, lectures will be given on the themes “Fourth industrial revolution and future technology” and “Improving leadership through the meeting of senior and junior.” Speakers from the industry, academia and research will give presentations and share their thoughts on “Roles and Achievements of Women in Industry” as well.

【 Events for nurturing and supporting women scientists and engineers】

 ㅇ The Young Women Scientist Camp (YWS Camp) and Smart Sister Workshop have been arranged to enhance women’s leadership and international cooperation. Next-generation women scientists and engineers from different countries will participate in lectures, presentation and mentoring sessions.

 ㅇ The Meeting of Asia and Pacific Women in Science and Technology (MAPWiST) will share results from the international joint survey conducted by KWSE since 2014, and discuss better policies to support women scientists and engineers.

□ The details and program information of BIEN 2017 can be found on the official webpage (http://www.bien.or.kr).

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