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Korea and Singapore Established Joint Cooperative System to Realize Unified ICT Future (July 12)

- MSIT to hold Korea-Singapore ICT Cooperation Symposium and Roadshow for Korean smart city companies

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on Friday, July 13 that it will hold a symposium in Singapore for strengthening ICT and industrial cooperation and an exhibition for supporting Korean smart city companies to enter overseas markets.

The symposium was held to strengthen the diplomatic implementation system of science, technology, and ICT for ASEAN countries such as Singapore.

- Around 100 experts from government, institutions, companies, and technology participated in the event to discuss the ways of bilateral cooperation with the aim of realizing ‘Digital Connectivity for all’, which can develop the two nation’s economy as well as, eventually, improve the quality of people’s lives through ICT.

- During the event, experts from both countries presented the followings; the prospect of blockchain in Singapore, which is called the mecca of blockchain industry, as diverse companies enter into the Singaporean market;

- Safe use of data, which is called the oil of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; and technical presentation in the field of information protection to raise the awareness of the importance of protecting the national infrastructure from cyber attach and infringement.

Furthermore, the specialized institutions in the field of ICT, Korea’s NIPA and Singapore’s ICT Association, signed MOU for the establishment of the cooperative system, which will be continuously implemented even after the event.

The two institutions shared the view of promoting ICT and personnel exchange, jointly supporting overseas market entry, and vitalizing linked projects using networks such as government, companies, and investors.

- The institutions will strengthen cooperative projects that can contribute to the development of ICT industry and national development based on local bases such as the ICT support center in Singapore.

On the other hand, Smart ICT Business Partnership Exhibition was held to support Korean businesses of excellent technology platform, control, and IoT, which are in line with the vision of Smart Nation, a major national policy in Singapore. At the exhibition, there were export consultation meetings between local buyers and marketers; product exhibition; and service demonstration centered on promising smart city SMEs from Korea.

- During the event, ESE Co., a smart city control platform company, and Singapore’s NCS* signed a $3 million agreement for joint cooperation in smart city solution.

* NCS, a subsidiary of the Singtel Group, is a global company that provides ICT system solutions such as smart city and has branches in China, India, Australia, and so on.

- Furthermore, JHEC Co., Saewool Co., and World of Robotics Sdn Bhd, a robotics education company in Malaysia, signed a $1 million agreement in order to export a Korean software training model.

Director General Song Kyung-hee for International Cooperation of MSIT said that “There are much in common between Korea’s innovative growth policy, which aims to realize a people-centered Fourth Industrial Revolution through science, technology and ICT and Singapore’s Smart Nation, which aims to enhance the quality of people’s lives and improve national competitiveness by integrating ICT into overall society, adding that

“I hope that this joint ICT symposium and roadshow serve as an opportunity to promote exchanges between government and companies and find ways to jointly respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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