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4th Korea-India Ministerial Joint Committee on Science & Technology (July 10)

- Expand future-oriented cooperation with India in science, technology & ICT

On the occasion of President Moon Jae-in’s first state visit to India, Minister You Young Min of Science and ICT also took steps to expand science, technology and ICT exchange with India, one of the major pillars of the current administration’s New South Policy, from July 8 to 12.

Minister You attended the ‘Korea-India Joint Committee on Science and Technology,’ held for the fourth year since being elevated to the ministerial level in accordance with the Korea-India Science & Technology Cooperation Agreement, and also visited promising Indian startups.

Minister You attended the ‘4th Korea-India Ministerial Joint Committee on Science & Technology’ held at the New Delhi Royal Plaza Hotel on the 9th.

On the occasion of the Committee, the countries agreed to expand cooperation in industrial technology R&D, revise the cooperative program and newly launch the cooperative network project by establishing the India-Korea Center for Research and Innovation and the Future Vision Strategy Group.

Korea and India agreed to establish the ‘India-Korea Center for Research and Innovation’* to facilitate a more systematic operation and management of cooperative projects, such as joint research and workshops.

* IKCRI, India-Korea Center for Research and Innovation (provisional): installed and jointly operated in New Delhi as a jointly funded non-profit foundation corporation

- The two countries conducted joint research in various fields, such as ICT, medicine and renewable energy, but not fully in conjunction with government policy and industrial needs due to the top-down project selection method.

- The IKCRI will allow expert groups from Korea and India to carefully analyze policy and industrial demand, promote strategic projects substantially helpful to both countries, and efficiently manage research performance by promoting the basic researchapplied researchtechnology commercialization cycle.

Furthermore, deep discussions were held between India’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT on ways to expand cooperation in industrial technology based on the ‘Future Vision Strategy Group* Establishment MOU’ jointly signed by four ministries of the two countries.

* (Korea) Regularly hold Director-General-level meetings between Ministry of Science and ICT Ministry of Industry - (India) Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Commerce, install specialized institutions, find ways to select specific area of cooperation and strengthen network through task force team composed of industry-academy-research experts

- The ministries agreed to find new projects that reflect common areas of interest mainly in ICT (IoT, AI, Big Data, etc.) and healthcare, which are divisions that are managed by MSIT among the 4 practical divisions of the Future Vision Strategy Group.

Minister You mentioned that the “establishment of IKCRI and creation of Future Vision Strategy Group will strengthen cooperation between the two countries in science and technology.”

Minister You also expressed hopes for the meeting to “serve as an important opportunity for combining Korea’s strengths in applied commercialized technology and manufacturing with India’s in basic science and software to produce synergy effects and bring about mutual growth in the 4IR era.”

Meanwhile, Minister You also visited the Indian startup ‘GreyOrange’ located near New Delhi on the same morning.

GreyOrange is a robot logistics management company established in 2011 that has quickly grown to dominate the Indian market and is now expanding its business globally.

After experiencing a logistics robot and watching a demo of a multi-joint robot, Minister You met with the CEO of GreyOrange to discuss current areas of cooperation with Korea and possible joint technology development with Korean firms. 

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