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Winning the World’s Largest Hacker Defense Contest (August 14)

-Next Generation Security Leader(BOB) trainees become world-class white hackers

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that the trainees of *Next Generation Security Leader Program(Best of Best, BoB) won DEFCON 26, the world’s largest hacker defense contest.

* An expert nurturing project in information protection that nurtures young white hackers who will lead the cyber security of Korea in the future (already produced 721 trainees).

The contest, held from August 9 to 12(local time), was composed of the total of 24 teams including teams who passed the preliminary round from May 12 to 14 and those who were invited as winners of various international hacking defense contests.

After the fierce battle, the Korean white hacker team ‘DEFKOR00T’ won first prize. It is the second victory after the Korean team ‘DEFKOR’ won as the first Asian team in 2015.


1ST Winner: DEFKOR00t Korean Team (2015 winner)

2nd Winner: PPP American Team (2017 winner)

3rd Winner: HITCON Taiwanese Team

The world-renowned BoB training program is one of the best educational programs in the world with the *awards from international hacking defense contest. Considering the growing demand for security talents, the Ministry is increasing the number of BoB trainees (140 trainees in 2017 -> 160 in 2018 -> 200 in 2019).

* Korean CODEGATE (2nd place winner in 2017, Winner of 2018), American DEFCON(Winner of 2015, 3rd place winner in 2016), Japanese SECCON (Winner of 2014~2017), Taiwanese HITCON (Winner of 2015~2017).

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