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Minister You Young Min to Visit FCC and NSC (August 1)

Pledge to strengthen cooperation in 5G commercialization and space development between Korea and the U.S.

Minister You Young Min of Science and ICT (hereafter, “MSIT”) visited Washington D.C. on July 31 to have a meeting with Chairman Ajit Pai of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Executive Secretary Scott Pace of the National Space Council (NSC).

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

FCC was established in 1934 and regulates non-governmental organizations using wireless spectrum as well as wireline, wireless, satellite and cable telecommunication.

National Space Council (NSC)

NSC was established in 2017 and is constituted by Vice President (Chair), Secretaries, Director of National Intelligence, National Security Advisor etc. (members) and oversees and coordinates overall space policy of the U.S.

In the meeting with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Minister You consulted on ways to promote cooperation towards the goal of early commercialization of 5G mobile communication service and had in-depth discussions on agendas related to communication and broadcasting of the two countries.

Minister You said Korea plans to commercialize 5G service in March next year, for the first time in the world. He also explained Korea has successfully completed spectrum auction in June this year and equipments and terminals for 5G service are being developed as planned.

Chairman Ajit Pai showed great interest for Korea’s 5G spectrum auction and proposed to cooperate on increasing the use of 28GHZ band for 5G service by taking the opportunity of 28GHZ Frontier Workshop. He also pledged to work together in facilitating the industrial ecosystem such as developing relevant equipments and terminals.

In regard to net neutrality repeal, Chairman Ajit Pai said that there are positive effects such as increased investment on telecommunication infrastructure and there are no side effects such as blocking of certain contents.

Meanwhile, the U.S. was very interested in Korea’s adoption of the ATSC 3.0standard and initiating terrestrial UHD broadcasting for the world’s first time in May 2017. The two countries pledged to work together in encouraging more of the interested countries such as Latin America and India to adopt the ATSC 3.0 standard.

* Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0: ATSC standard is chosen by the U.S. digital broadcasting sector, by using internet protocol to transmit data rapidly for high-definition video and provides multi-channel broadcasting and two-way service.

In the meeting with Executive Secretary Scott Pace of NSC, held in White House, ways for cooperation between the two countries on various issues such as space science, space debris safety and trends for space development and commercialization were discussed.

Minister You proposed to forge a solid Korea-US space alliance that benefits both countries through facilitating space dialogue channels created by “Korea-US space cooperation agreement” and increasing participation in areas both countries are interested in including space exploration and space object monitoring.

Executive Secretary Scott Pace agreed with Minister You to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship through consultations of relevant ministries of the two countries in various fields such as space science, utilizing satellite information and facilitating space industry.

Based on the meeting today, the two countries affirmed to continue having dialogue on specific ways for promoting cooperation in the field of space through a variety of channels such as “the 3rd Korea-US space policy dialogue” to be hosted in the U.S. in the first half of next year.

* the high-level consultative body between MSIT of Korea and State Department of the U.S. that covers overall space sector. It has been hosted for two times so far, with the 1st meeting held in July 2014 in Washington D.C. and the 2nd meeting held in April 2016 in Seoul

Also, along with having meetings with the U.S. government officials, Minister You visited Goddard Space Flight Center located near Washington D.C. to have a meeting with Director Christopher Scolese of Goddard Space Flight Center and took a look around satellite development facility.

※【Goddard Space Flight Center

established in 1959, as NASA’s first space flight center, develops and operates satellites and aircraft for fulfilling the mission of observing Earth, astronomical sources and solar system etc.

budget: approximately 290m dollars (approximately 3.2trn won)

major facility: Hubble Space Telescope, Space Environment Simulator (SES), Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)

Minister You emphasized the importance of space cooperation between Korea and the U.S. and suggested to carry out cooperative activities** with National Aeronautics and Space (NASA) in development of Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO*) and astronomy.

* Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter

** joint research on solar physics, joint development of coronagraph (solar telescope) etc.

Director Christopher Scolese recognized the achievements made by cooperative programs implemented by Korean research institutes and universities and proposed to further increase human resource exchanges of the two countries in the future.

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