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The 4th 2018 Global ICT Leadership Forum Held (November 15)

- Seeking the digital innovation growth plan of developing nations for the development of the global community

- Seeking innovative ways of the digital growth of developing nations in order to develop the global community

The Ministry of Science an ICT (MSIT) announced that it will hold the 4th 2018 Global ICT Leadership Forum at the Plaza Hotel from November 15th (Thursday) to 16th (Friday).

*Hosted and held by MSIT and National Information Society Agency (NIA)

This event, as part of ODA, invited high-level officers including ministers and vice ministers of ICT-related ministries from eight developing nations and was held to share Korea’s ICT development experience and provide policy consultations.

*Four Asian countries including Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia; two African countries including Uganda, Mozambique; one Central and South American country (Peru); and one CIS nation (Belarus)

Since the first Global ICT Leadership Forum in 2015, it contributed to establishing and developing ICT policies of developing nations such as the establishment of NIA in Rwanda 2017 and supporting the revision of Cambodian Telecommunications Act in 2016.

On the theme of ‘Global Innovation Growth Through D-N-A (Data, Network, Artificial Intelligence)’, the forum started off with the presentation on the Korean policy and the current status in the fields of Data, Network and AI, followed by the minister and vice minister’s presentation on their current status from Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Also, nine Korean experts from industry, academia and research institute held a debate.

The forum consisted of three sessions, which are data, network, and AI. In the first session, the participants discussed plans to utilize data, which is called the crude oil in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, for societal and national development.

* Professor Lee Hee-Jo of Korea University (chair), executive Kim Hye-Joo of KT, and professor Myung Seong-Hwan of Inha University

In the following second session, the participants shared Korea’s experience and the current issues of participating nations with regard to building a hyper-connected, intelligent network.

*Professor Park Jin-Woo of Korea University (chair), director Lee Young-Ro of NIA, and professor Sin Min-Su of Hanyang University.

In the third session, the consultations took place on the AI utilization policy for the intelligent information society.

* Professor Lee Kang-Yun of Gachon University (Chair), professor Choi Ye-Rim of Kyonggi University, and professor Hwang Jun-Seok of Seoul National University

In addition, the forum will provide opportunities for ICT high-level officers from developing nations to experience the digital society of Korea such as the onsite visit to the KT Smart Tower.

Furthermore, the forum will support Korean companies to tap into overseas markets through business meetings with participating companies such as KTNET and LS Cable&System.

* KTNET and LS Cable&System held business meetings related to e-trade system (customs clearance) and fiber-optic cables, respectively.

Associate Minister Jang Seok-Young of MSIT, who participated in the event, stated that “the forum will serve as a meaningful opportunity for leaders from all around the world to discuss cooperation in order to share the benefit of ICT with mankind and grow together as part of the international community”, and added that “I hope that this event will serve as a venue to draw policy implications in diverse ICT fields, where all developing nations can develop together“.

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