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Expanding Scientific and Technological Cooperation With Switzerland and Italia to Enhance the Quality of Life (November 16)

- The Fifth Korean-Swiss Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation held on November 16th in Bern

- The 7th Korean-Swiss Science Day held in the field of digital health on November 15th in Zurich

- The 6th Korea-Italy Science and Technology Forum held to spread IOT from November 12th to 14th in Torino.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) announced that it held the fifth Korea-Swiss Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) on November 16th in Bern, Switzerland.

The fifth Joint Committee was co-chaired by Director-General Song KyungHee of International Cooperation of MSIT and Ambassador Mauro Moruzzi of International Cooperation of SERI.

The two nations agreed to promote joint research cooperation in the fields of digital health, new materials, and molecular physics through the next innovation research program which will be launched in 2019 and agreed to hold Korean-Swiss Innovation week with the participation of industry, academia, and research institutes in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality on the theme of ‘Smart living Sustainable City and Intelligent Health Management’.

In addition, the exchange program for graduate school students in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, computer engineering, sociology, and psychology will be promoted. Based on the understanding of the culture and architecture of both nations, the participants will comprehensively study living environment of each nation on the topics of ‘The Summer of Korea, Winter of Switzerland’ and ‘Comfort of Indoor Environment’.

Since the signing of the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation in 2008, the two nations have continued scientific and technological cooperation, building on the five Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation after the first in 2009.

On the occasion of the first Joint Committee, the two nations initiated the researcher exchange program between the two nations and, since then, the two nations have continuously held the Korean-Swiss Science Day which seeks new cooperation.

On the occasion of the third Joint Committee, the two nations have supported researchers from two nations for three years since 2015 in the fields of big data, molecular physics, and neuroscience, and will launch a call for the next 2019 research tasks.

On the occasion of the fourth Joint Committee, the two nations have been promoting the Ph.D training project for the past three years. The project aims to nurture new researchers from both nations and facilitate mutual exchanges.

In conjunction with the Korean-Swiss Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation, the 7th Korean-Swiss Science Day was held on November 15th on the theme of ‘Assistive Technologies for Aging Society’. The event consisted of four sessions: Sensory System: Vision and Hearing Related, Smart Health Technologies, Mobility: How Robots Can Help Elderly People, and Digital Health and Data Management. During the event, 16 researchers gave presentations and tried to seek new areas of cooperation in the field of digital health.

Moreover, the 6th Korea-Italy Science Technology Forum was held in Torino from November 12th to 14th. As part of President Moon’s pledge to expand scientific and technological cooperation during his visit to Italy in October, the forum served as a momentum to solidify partnerships and technical exchanges between experts from both nations on the theme of ‘Application and Possibility of IoT Technology’.

In particular, businessmen from both nations took part in the event and discussed cases in which the research results are applicable to everyday life and industrial settings in order to seek cooperation between companies in the energy, environment, smart manufacturing, healthcare, and smart vehicle session.

Director-General Song KyungHee of MSIT stated that “Switzerland and Italy are the powerhouses of basic science that are equipped with open and excellent research environment based on outstanding human resources” and added that “if we collaborate with these two countries, we will be able to promote scientific and technological development and strengthen innovation capacity”.

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