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Ministry of Science and ICT to Establish Information Access Center in El Salvador, Central America (December 20)

- Providing an environment for ICT education for local residents, students and people with disability

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT, Minister You Young Min) together with the National Information Society Agency (NIA, President Moon Yong-sik) established the Korea-El Salvador Information Access Center(IAC) in Zacatecoluca, El Savador on December 19th (Wednesday).

The Information Access Center is the 56th center established in El Salvador by MSIT and NIA since 2002 as part of ODA grants to improve the environment for ICT education and to bridge the digital divide of developing countries.

The event was attended by 50 participants from El Salvador including the minister of education, vice minister of science and technology, president of Megatech in charge of IAC operation, and officers of the Korean Embassy in El Salvador.

The Korea-El Salvador Information Access Center newly established an internet lounge dedicated for the disabled as well as an ICT training lab, seminar room, and administrative room that have been built in previous centers. It is also notable that the center built a content production room to produce educational content.

The internet lounge for the disabled was first test-operated by the Information Access Center in Georgia, 2016. With highly satisfying results, the lounge was introduced in earnest since 2018. The educational content produced independently by the center will be shared with other centers through the IAC website (iac.nia.or.kr).

Director General Song Kyung Hee of International Cooperation at MSIT stated that “I hope that the IAC in El Salvador will serve as a chance for local citizens, students, and people with disabilities to readily access ICT”, and added that “Starting from 2019, we will not only physically build IAC in developing nations but also support various educational programs such as special ICT training programs by providing educational ICT content and inviting center operators and lecturers.

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