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Attend the 13th ASEAN-Korea TELMIN and Approve ASEAN-Korea ICT Cooperation Plan 2019 (December 7)

- Promote digital ecosystem for mutual prosperity

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) took part in the 13th TELMIN held in Bali Island, Indonesia on December 6 to discuss ways of future cooperation and strategies for “fostering digital ecosystem”.

* TELMIN: Telecommunication and Information Technology Ministers Meeting

As an ASEAN Dialogue Partner in ASEAN-Korea TELMIN, Korea reviews the progress made in ICT cooperation and shares its thoughts on future areas and directions of cooperation with ASEAN Secretariat Representatives, Ministers and Vice Ministers of ASEAN member states (10 nations)*.

* Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Korea has become an ASEAN Dialogue Partner since 2004 and participated in ASEAN-Korea TELMIN every year.

MSIT highly acknowledged the potential of digital economy development of ASEAN community. Based on the initiative of “people-centered Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “I-KOREA 4.0”, cooperation direction was proposed to facilitate digital ecosystem for ASEAN-Korea prosperity to maximize this potential of digital economy development.

In particular, Korea and ASEAN agreed that inclusive policy is important in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and pledged to continue relevant discussions in the future.

Deputy Minister Jang Seok Young of ICT Policy at MSIT highlighted the importance of ASEAN-Korea ICT cooperation in digital age. Deputy Minister Jang presented on the progress made in this year and cooperation plan for next year, in major 4 areas of cooperation which are innovation, connectivity enhancement, human resource development and improving the capacity to address cyber security risks, in line with cooperative activities under ASEAN-Korea ICT Partnership 2017-2021.

In particular, ASEAN-Korea ICT cooperation plan for 2019 was proposed which includes establishment of ASEAN-Korea science and technology cooperation center and IT cooperation center and this has been approved according to the 13th ASEAN-Korea joint statement (reference 1).

Deputy Minister Jang Seok Young of ICT Policy welcomed the hosting of ASEAN-Korea Special Summit 2019 and showed his expectations for new opportunities for innovation to be created through strengthening cooperation in the field of ICT in the era of digital transformation.

Deputy Minister Jang had a bilateral meeting with Minister of Indonesia and Cambodia who attended this meeting. With Indonesia, Korea pledged to work together for facilitated implementation of 5G trial which is an ongoing project between Korea and Indonesia. With Cambodia, Korea pledged to revise ICT MoU and identify new projects.

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