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Drone Show Korea 2019 Kicks Off (January 24)

- Showcasing new products such as hydrogen fuel cell drone and the world’s first one-handed drone controller

- Global defense consulting firm Teal Group to give a presentation on “Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Forecast and Trends,” suggesting solutions to create demand for drones in the public sector

- International organizations such as the AfDB invited for business matching consulting and broader support for overseas market entry.

- Government plans to foster drone service providers, build a drone manufacturing industrial foundation and emphasize driverless mobility in 2019

The MSIT, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE) and Busan Metropolitan City announced that Drone Show Korea 2019, Asia’s biggest drone exhibition, will be held at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) from January 24(Thu) to 26 (Sat).

<Drone Show Korea 2019 Opening Event Overview>

When/Where: January 24, 2019 (Thu) 10:1011:25, Exchibition Center 1 of BEXCO, Busan

Exhibitors: 410 booths of 110 companies from Korea and abroad

Attendees: 60+ attendees including Moon Mi-Ock, First Vice Minister of the MSIT; Cheong Seung-il, Vice Minister of MOTIE; Yoo Jae-soo, Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs of Busan; Kim Yong-woo, Chief of Staff of the ROKA; Kim Inhwa, Senior Vice President of the Aerospace Division of Korean Air; Lee Doo Soon, the CEO of Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI); Choi Nak-hoon, head of the 5GX IoT/Data Group of SK Telecom; Song Jae-geun, CEO of UCONSYSTEM

This annual event, which celebrates its 4thanniversarythisyear,includesgeneral drone exhibition with 110 business participants international conference with more than 50 renowned participants from 7 countries, new products & technologies presentations and drone manufacturing & flying experience events for the general audience

Drone Exhibition

110 companies from Korea and overseas will exhibit more than 300 drones and related components, including:

drones with enhanced safety and performance, combined with new technologies such as flying control and high strength lightweight materials, and cutting-edge drones that can fly autonomously and in formation.

SK Telecom will announce the launch of “T Live Caster” service, which allows users to transmit drone footage over a long distance through a mobile application, using the 5G network.

In particular, when the 5G mobile service becomes commercialized starting from March, 2019, users will be able to send UHD video over long distances without interruption, increasing expectations among mobile carriers such as SK Telecom for a fast-growing drone service market based on video.

This is Engineering Inc., which participated in CES 2019, is going to present a drone controller that allows users to control drones only with one thumb.

This is Engineering is an exemplary case of innovative growth, because despite having been established only in 2016, it had attracted an investment of 7 billion won last year and developed the world’s first easy and straight-forward drone controller for which it has a patent.

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) will announce its plan to release and mass-produce hydrogen fuel cell stacks* and hydrogen fuel cell drones soon for the first time in the world.

* Stack: Battery(cell) that generates power through electrochemical reaction within a fuel cell.

Existing lithium-battery-powered drones fly only for 20-30 minutes; however, hydrogen fuel cell drones has a flight time of 2 hours. Even when the battery runs out, operators can immediately swap the hydrogen cartridge with a recharged one (for 10 minutes) and fly their drones right away.

Although hydrogen fuel cell is too expensive compared to lithium battery at the moment, it is expected that mass production in the near future will lower the price and raise its competitiveness in the market.

Other presentations include the ROKA’s Dronebot(drone+robot) Battle System progress, the development trend of drones for disaster relief and public safety led by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)’s analysis of development trend of delivery drones.

International Conference

The conference will last for two days from January 24(Thu)to25(Fri),starting with a keynote speech from Director Phillip Finnegan of Teal Group on “Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Forecast and Trends.” There will be more than 50 speakers from Korea and abroad.

Khili Lhoucine, Chief IT Coordinator of the African Development Bank (AfDB) will give a presentation on “Drones and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa.” KARI’s Executive Director Hae-Chang Lee will give a presentation on “The Future Drone Technologies and Personal Air Vehicle (PAV).”

- In particular, we actively promoted strong Korean companies during last May’s AfDB Annual Meetings in Busan, and completed an export deal for agricultural drones (1.3 billion won) to Tunisia.

- We invited people from the AfDB this time as well to promote 10 outstanding firms of Korea, expecting to expand their overseas market entry opportunities.

Moreover, local governments such as Busan and Incheon will introduce measures to create demand by linking drones and local industries, while government agencies such as Provincial Police Agency, Korea Southern Power Co. and Busan Main Customs will give presentations on how they are using drones, their future development directions and diverse plans for using drones in the public sector, which will be useful to the drone industry.

There will be contest for innovative drone ideas, drone racing competition and other experience events where adolescents can manufacture and race drones by themselves.

First Vice Minister Moon Mi-Ock of the MSIT attended the opening ceremony and said, “Drones will create new added values in the era of the commercialized 5G mobile network, spreading fast across different industries such as agriculture and logistics.”

She added, “At a time like this, holding an event with the theme ‘Connected by Drone’ is very meaningful.”

She went on to say, “The government will give its full support to original technologies development in the unmanned vehicle sector by allocating 300 billion won to carry out a preliminary feasibility study in order to foster world leading drone parts manufacturers. At the same time, we will build software development capacity of domestic companies and continue to prime the pump in the domestic market to encourage the public sector to purchase and utilize drones.”

She then said, “We will combine big data, 5G and AI technologies with unmanned vehicles to expand their roles from just filming to analyzing and processing the footage in real time. We will also make the best use of the regulatory sandbox to help the private sector create diverse drone services.”

Finally, she said, “The government will do its best to translate basic original technologies into innovative products and services that can deliver real benefits to people, by establishing a strong cooperation among concerned departments throughout the whole industry cycle.”

Vice Minister Cheong Seung-il of MOTIE introduced the government’s drone support strategy direction during his opening speech, saying, “The competitiveness of the drone industry at the moment lies in its technology and business that meet the needs of the market.”

Starting this year, MOTIE will nurture service companies by developing business models for companies that create and provide new services with drones and aligning such companies with public sector demand.

- The Ministry will give them regulatory waivers unless safety issues are found, using the regulatory sandbox in effect since the17th to remove regulatory barriers for launching new services.

Vice Minister Cheong said that MOTIE plans to provide tailored support for manufacturing companies, such as fostering industry ecosystem and developing technology for each level, in addition to helping outstanding manufacturers enter overseas markets through a strategic cooperation with international organizations such as the AfDB and the IBRD.

- In particular, for sectors that are already commercially using drones (e.g. agriculture, surveying), the Ministry will focus on creating demand from local industries by utilizing industrial support centers (in Daegu, Jeonnam, Busan) and fostering industry ecosystem, while improving technology and trust in sectors that need technological improvement (e.g. disaster management, public safety, delivery).

Moreover, he emphasized that MOTIE will start unmanned air mobility development beginning this year, and finish developing one-person passenger drone prototype and safety criteria by 2023 to prepare for the mid- to long-term future smoothly.

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