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MSIT Plans to Assist ICT Companies’ Entry to Japanese Market (June 13)

- KOREA IT Expo In Japan 2019to be Held

The MSIT and KOTRA will hold KOREA IT Expo In Japan 2019to help Korean ICT companies enter the Japanese market in Tokyo on June 13 (Thursday).

KOREA IT Expo In Japan, which started in 2009, is one of the most representative events of the Tokyo IT Support Center (MSIT’s export support foreign base), which supports promising Korean ICT companies in expanding their trade partners by holding expositions and inviting Japan’s prominent buyers.

The event was held to vitalize Korea’s ICT export by proactively securing demand for ICT solutions in construction and tourism as the 2020 Summer Olympics is soon to be held in Tokyo.

< KOREA IT Expo In Japan 2019 Program >

󰋼 When·Where: June 13, 2019 (Thursday) 09:00~18:00 / Tokyo New Otani Hotel

󰋼 Host·Organizer: Ministry of Science and ICT / KOTRA

󰋼 Attendance: 50 Korean ICT companies*, 350 ICT-related Japanese buyers**

* Including 13 companies that entered and/or graduated from overseas IT Support Centers, AI·AR/VR·IoT-related companies

** Including Japan’s three major carriers (NTT Docomo, Softbank, etc.) and three major SI companies (Fujitsu, NTT Data, etc.)

󰋼 Main Events: Fourth Industrial Revolution sectors exhibition, MOUs between promising ICT companies of Korea and Japan, startups’ investor pitch and consulting session, seminar to study the trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (5G, smart city, etc.)

Recently, with Korea’s launch of the world’s first commercial 5G network, Japanese ICT companies and venture capital firms are showing greater interest in cooperating with Korean ICT companies that possess excellent technologies and contents.

The MSIT is utilizing 5G+ Strategy to support 5G-based new products and services to enter foreign markets, and plans to foster Fourth Industrial Revolution sectors (e.g. 5G) as a new export growth engine.

To expand Korean ICT companies’ export to Japan and promote new export investment deals, the following main events are held: Fourth Industrial Revolution sectors exhibition MOUs between promising ICT companies of Korea and Japan startups’ investor pitch session seminar to study the trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (5G, smart city, etc.).

In particular, the exhibition is aimed at selecting related solution companies to proactively respond to ICT demand* deriving from large events such as the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics and 2025 World Expo Osaka and to produce practical outcomes.

* Example: Fujitsu purchased $900,000 worth security controls solutions from Igloo Security, which successfully managed a computer emergency response team during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

Moreover, to encourage early deal making with Japanese partners in prominent ICT areas, a signing ceremony of MOUs on supply contracts and technology cooperation with Japanese buyers is scheduled.

Smart city and 5G contents related to large events have been chosen as the themes of the startup pitch and seminar in order to spark the interest of both countries’ companies and institutions and to seek cooperation measures.

The MSIT said, “We hope this event serves as a good opportunity for Korean ICT companies to expand their businesses and establish partnership with Japanese companies. We will provide full support to help Korean ICT companies discover opportunities to grow in the Japanese market.”

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