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Korea-Norway framework for science and technology cooperation (June 13)

- Korea and Norway agree to sign MOU on science and technology cooperation in Nov

- Establishment of Joint Committee on science and technology cooperation and exploration of cooperation in climate and environmental technologies and renewable energy

The MSIT and Norway’s Education and Research Ministry agreed to establish a framework for science and technology cooperation during Korean President’s visit to Norway.

The two governments will launch the 2020 Korea-Norway Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation and explore related policies and pursue scholar exchanges and joint research in the areas of climate and environmental technologies, polar research, renewable research, and ICT.

Also, the two ministers agreed to sign an MOU in Korea in November in order to solidify the framework of science and technology cooperation.

Norway is considering Korea as a major R&D cooperation partner, designating Korea, China, Japan, the US, Canada, Brazil, India, and South Africa as countries of focus for international cooperation.

An official from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) has been dispatched to the Norwegian embassy in Korea since April to pursue concrete cooperation projects.

Norway heavily invests in research of maritime affairs, shipping, oil, energy where it traditionally has strength, and is now increasing investment in research in renewable energy, CO2 capture, and storage.

Norway has also continuously invested in its world-class polar research and has the world’s largest scientific research station in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

As the two countries agreed to build a framework for science and technology cooperation, the two are expected to expand cooperation in various areas from climate, environment, new and renewable energy, to ICT with a cooperation channel and trust gained through polar research cooperation.

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