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Korea-Europe Large Research Facilities to Share Real-time Information to Lay Groundwork for International Joint Research (Sep 30)

- 130 Korean and 750 European Research Facilities to Share Information through Web Portal WOLF

The MSIT announced the launch of WOLF*, a web portal that provides real-time information of Korean and European research facilities. WOLF was launched on September 30 and researchers will be able to use the service starting October.

* WOLF : World of Large Facilities (http://wolf.zeus.go.kr)

WOLF, connected to the MSIT’s ZEUS*, provides not only basic information about facilities in Korea and Europe (organization in charge of operation, location, website, etc.) but also detailed information that is practical to researchers, such as the facilities’ missions, scientific domains and performance of equipment being used.

* ZEUS : Zone for Equipment Utilization Service (www.zeus.go.kr)

MERIL* provides the information of Europe’s large research facilities in connection with WOLF. The MSIT has been negotiating with the ESF** to connect MERIL’s information on the EU’s research facilities with WOLF.

* MERIL: Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape (portal.meril.eu)

** European Science Foundation (ESF) is an association in charge of establishment and operation of MERIL, located in Strasbourg, France

Korea has about 130 large research facilities, including a synchrotron light source, and MERIL lists about 750 European large facilities. Until now, Korea researchers had to use a separate search engine to gather information about outstanding large research facilities overseas and access the facilities’ webpages.

The launch of WOLF, which shares information with MERIL, is meaningful because it not only collects and provides information of foreign research facilities but also allows researchers to access real-time and up-to-date information by themselves.

Moreover, it is now possible to search and compare Korean and European research facilities in the same scientific domain at the same time. which will help researchers in the field who had difficulties comparing and analyzing the current states and performance of foreign facilities in similar domains.

A source from the MSIT said, “WOLF is expected to lay the groundwork for international joint research and talent exchange between Korea and Europe by providing information of outstanding Korean and European research facilities.”

The source added, “I hope WOLF becomes a research facilities information system that will help Korean researchers when they form a research consortium involving different scientific domains based on domestic and foreign research facilities information or when they apply to an international joint research project.”

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