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After hearing from industry, academia and government bureaus, the government announced the Implementation Plan for Creative Economy in June last year.
Since then the government has been making utmost efforts to establish an eco-system for startups where citizens with creative ideas can actively participate in.

Financial eco-system was improved by switching from loan-based to investment-based investment to ensure that one failure does not lead to frustration.
An on-line website Creative Economy Town was also established to prevent the difficulties of citizens with ideas in looking for commercialization experts.

In the Unlimited Imagination Chamber, students can test their ideas righ away by using 3D printers and laser cutters.

The government also provided active support for SMEs, the main driving engine of our economy, and made efforts to build a system where SMEs can cooperate
with conglomerates, universities and government-run research institutes.

We are already seeing positive results. The market sentiment has been greatly improved with increasing number of ventures and amount of investment for ventures,
and platforms for foreign market entry of our ventures and startups are being established as well.

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