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NIA to Hold the ‘2018 Global ICT Leadership Forum’ for Asia-Pacific ICT Policymakers (July 31)

- Asia-Pacific government officials attend the ‘2018 Global ICT Leadership Forum’

The Ministry of Science and ICT and National Information Society Agency (NIA) announced to host the ‘2018 Global ICT Leadership Forum’ together with Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT), an international organization, for four days, from July 24 to 27.

In the forum, 13 high-ranking government officials from 13 APT member states such as Director General Trung Quang Dinh of Vietnam’s MIC, officials from Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia participated.

* Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kiribati, Mongolia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan

The purpose of the venue was to share the success story of national development by utilizing Korea’s world-class ICT infrastructure and create bilateral and multilateral cooperation channels from the national level.

This forum had significance in that it had official seminars where experts from various fields talked about AI and blockchain based on the demand of interests from participating countries and also an on-site seminar was held, a venue for participants to meet experts in person to learn about Korea’s ICT development history.

In addition, high-ranking ICT policymakers shared national policies which are helpful for actual industry sites through meeting with small and medium-sized enterprises with expertise in each field such as AI and blockchain and vibrant discussions followed in making connection with circumstances of each country.

In the cooperative project in the field of informatization, which is in its 18th year of implementation, 4,684 people from 128 countries took part so far, which has greatly contributed to improvement of national image, expansion of global informatization and reducing information divide of developing countries.

Director Gang Taek Oh of global cooperation division at NIA said, “I am pleased to see a meaningful venue where we can discuss AI and blockchain which are Korea’s major policy tasks at this critical juncture of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We will strive to share national development strategies through global ICT cooperative channels, so that it can be mutually beneficial for everyone.”

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