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RRA Secures Stronger Leadership in Global Cloud Computing Standardization (March 28)

- Korean researcher designated to serve another term as CCFWG convenor of JTC 1/SC 38

The National Radio Research Agency (RRA), a research arm of the MSIT, announced that ETRI’s researcher Lee Seung-yun was designated as a Cloud Computing Fundamentals (CCF) Working Group convenor again in the 22nd cloud computing international standard setting meeting held from March 25 to 29.

JTC 1/SC 38 is a meeting for Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms involving some 50 participants from 15 countries to develop standards for cloud computing, a key technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Established in 2011, JTC 1/SC 38 is made up of two Working Groups, 31 Participating members and 13 Observing members including the US.

The CCF Working Group which Korea serves a consecutive term as the convenor develops key standards such as defining concepts and formulating policies related to cloud computing.

Recently, the area of standardization is being expanded to span Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Edge Computing, and Cloud Native.

* A cloud service-level agreement (SLA) is an agreement between a cloud service provider and a customer, specifying services, conditions, responsibilities of the two parties.

** Edge computing is a technology that processes data produced by internet of things devices closer to where it is created and later sends data to the central server.

*** Cloud Native refers to container-based environments designed to run in the cloud.

In particular, detailed work on the cloud data flow, category, and standards where Korea is taking the lead was carried out in this meeting.

This standard defines the scope of data processing and syntax, which is essential for data transfer in the cloud.

RRA Chief Jeon Yeong-man emphasized that the cloud computing standardization is the most critical area of standardization of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Jeon added that the RRA will continue to support international standardization for the Korean technologies to consolidate their leading position in the global cloud computing market.

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