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KAST to Organize the World’s Biggest Science and Technology International Organization Conference (April 9)

- IAP Conference and General Assembly 2019


Under the auspice of the MSIT, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) is organizing the IAP* Conference and General Assembly 2019 at Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel for four days, from April 8 to 11.


* IAP (InterAcademy Partnership): IAP, established in 1993, is the world’s largest science and technology international organization that has 138 institutes from 103 countries as its members.


ㅇ This is the second time that the IAP Conference and General Assembly is hosted in Asia (first in Japan). About 150 delegates from 80 countries (US, Germany, etc.) participate in the event.


ㅇ Major participants include Volker ter Meulen, president of the IAP; Kerstin Sahlin, vice-president of the Roayl Swedish Academy of Sciences; Bruce Alberts, former president of the National Academy of Sciences of the US; and Romain Murenzi, former Minister of Science, Technology, Education and Research.


The IAP Conference, held from April 9 to 10, is a platform for discussion on Academies’ roles and scientific solutions on major issues of the international society. Science and technology experts from around the globe will share innovative ideas on this year’s theme, “Science and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Academies.”


ㅇ In particular, Jacqueline McGlade, former UNEP Chief Scientist and Ann Aerts, Chief of Novartis Foundation will participate as speakers to discuss the international science and technology community’s efforts and roles in achieving SDGs from various angles.


President Min-gu Han of the KAST said, “Organizing IAP Conference and General Assembly 2019 will be the most effective way to raise Korea’s status within the international science and technology community.”


ㅇ He underscored, “After being elected as a permanent member of the IAP for Science in 2016, Korea is organizing the IAP General Assembly for the first time in its history. We will do our best to find ways to contribute to the international community.”

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