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National Radio Research Agency Says Mutual Recognition of Certification with Canada can be Obtained Domestically (June 13)

- Phase 2 Korea-Canada MRA enforced

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that phase 2 Mutual Recognition Arrangement (hereinafter ‘MRA’) on broadcasting and telecommunications equipments with Canada will come into effect on June 15.

As broadcasting and telecommunications equipments emit electromagnetic waves which can impact other devices and human bodies, they should obtain conformity assessment to see whether they comply with technical standard. If MRAs on conformity assessment are signed between countries, conformity assessment on exports can be conducted within the home country, without the need to carry out the test overseas.

The Ministry of Science and ICT has continuously pursued signing MRAs with foreign countries as to reduce cost and burdens of domestic exporters in obtaining conformity assessment in foreign countries.

Korea signed phase 1 MRAs with five countries including Canada, U.S., Vietnam, Chile and EU for mutual recognition of test reports. In December 2017, Korea signed phase 2 MRA with Canada for mutual recognition of both test reports and certification.

When phase 2 Korea-Canada MRA is implemented, mutual recognition of test reports and certification on exports can be obtained domestically. This will dramatically reduce cost and period of conformity assessment which will ultimately lead to lowering of barriers for domestic companies in entering overseas markets.

In Korea, Communications Conformity Assessment Center will perform certification of equipments under Korea-Canada MRA. The Ministry of Science and ICT will continue to update useful information when applying for MRA on the website of National Radio Research Agency (www.rra.go.kr) such as procedure for applying for certification under Korea-Canada MRA and things to be mindful of as for phase 2 Korea-Canada MRA to gain a firm foothold.

Director General Park Yun Kyu of Radio Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Science and ICT said, “I hope the implementation of phase 2 Korea-Canada MRA will ease burdens of domestic exporters to contribute to promoting exports.”

Director General Park added that, “the Korean government will continue to sign further MRAs with countries where Korea exports a lot of products to in an attempt to actively support Korean ICT companies to go global.”

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