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Korea’s RRA leads global standardization in AI and big data (Oct 13)

- Two international standards in AI and big data approved in JTC 1/SC 42 meeting

The National Radio Research Agency (RRA) of the MSIT announced that a big data standard proposed by Korea was approved as an international standard during the fourth ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 421plenary(Tokyo,Japan,fromOct7to11).

1 An AI subcommittee of JTC1 run by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to carry out global standardization in IT

2 ISO/IEC TR 20547-1: Information technology Big data reference architecture Part 1: Framework and application process

ISO/IEC DIS 20547-3: Information technology Big data reference architecture Part 3: Reference architecture

The recently approved standard defines common functions and roles required in each stage of big data collection, storage and processing and presents data logistics standard needed for data producers and service providers

Therefore, this standard will be provided as a common technology standard for solution providers in various areas spanning from communications, medicine, finance, to manufacturing to reduce product development costs and ensure interoperability among products.

Since 2014, the MSIT developed 17 standards including the recent big data reference architecture, big data terminology, and intelligent query answering system framework through official standardization organizations such as JTC 1 and ITU-T3.

3 International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunication (ITU-T): ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector

The MSIT is cooperating with private standardization organizations such as the Telecommunications Technology Association and Intelligence Information Technology Forum, and is now developing around 20 standards such as technologies for autonomous cars to perceive surroundings and verification for AI performance.

The MSIT said, “We plan to lead standardization globally in AI such as data quality, AI service models by area, and assessment of trustworthiness of the AI system.”

“We will ensure that AI can be adopted in all parts of society and will provide best support to translate R&D results into standardization at home and abroad,” said the MSIT.

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