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Cradle for volumetric content, K-Immersive Studio opens

- Ministry of Science and ICT opens Asia's largest volumetric video capture and creation studio -

- Minister Choi Kiyoung promotes immersive content industry, key to zero-contact service -

- Korea Immersive Studio opens new chapter for public-private partnerships in immersive media -

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced the opening of Asia's largest K-Immersive Studio* in Korea VR AR Compex (KoVAC) in Seoul on May 13, infrastructure dedicated to producing immersive content.

   * K-Immersive Studio: Korea Immersive Studio

The Ministry reflected the industry's demand for infrastructure such as Intel Studios to produce 360-degree immersive content in a 5G environment and established K-Immersive Studio by preemptively investing 10 billion Korean won.

    * (Intel Studios) The world's largest video capture and creation facility, featuring a 10,000 square-foot space, 200 cameras, and 10 PB of storage, opened in 2018

The launch of commercial 5G services has paved the way for immersive media* based on volumography, using massive amounts of data, beyond two-dimensional media.

    * Three-dimensional volumetric content that can visualize content from every perspective by storing the video from the opposite side of the user

    ※ Volumetric content uses 600 MB of mobile data per minute, requiring 5G connection (2D video uses 1G of mobile data per 60 minutes)

K-Immersive Studio is a facility that allows SMEs having difficulty building their own facilities to create high-quality immersive content at a low cost.

The K-Immersive Studio, featuring a 3560-square-foot space with 60 4K cameras capturing every height, width, and depth data of all the action, enables users to create perfect volumetric content by quickly combining every video taken by each camera using 300 GPU render farms.

    * A 3560-square-foot studio space including filming, editing, and other rooms

    ** One hour of operation time needed for one-minute-long volumetric video

Korean SMEs in this field can use K-Immersive Studio to produce high-quality immersive experiences in various areas such as education, healthcare, and entertainment in a fast manner and apply them in AR content as well.

    * Examples of volumetric content: multi-perspective at-home workout content providing a scene of a yoga posture from any angle or volumetric video of human cultural assets


The MOU among the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, Korea VR and AR Industry Association, three telecommunications carriers, and Educational Broadcasting System was also signed during the opening ceremony to promote the immersive industry.

The MOU is expected to further facilitate private-public partnerships in the field as SMEs will create more immersive content using the government's infrastructure and platforms offered by service firms will expand distribution.

In his congratulatory remarks, Minister of Science and ICT Choi Kiyoung said, "immersive media is one of the key services offered by 5G connections and also key to lead the zero-contact industry for the post-Covid-19 era."

"I sincerely hope that K-Immersive Studio will open a new chapter for public-private partnerships in the field and promote the production and distribution of immersive media, for everyday use and exports to the global market. The MSIT will spare no effort in supporting infrastructure for Korean firms to bring imagination to life,“ added Minister Choi.

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